The Legacy

After David died Mary, an artist, gardener and conservationist, was passionate about ensuring that the remaining property not be subdivided for development and that it remains in a relatively undeveloped state (tree cover of 60 percent or greater). To that end Mary arranged to leave, after her death, their house and 50 acres of woodland gardens, forest and pasture to the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust (known as the Gwinnett Open Land Trust at the time) to be known as The Kistner Center. Mary wanted to ensure that it would provide a place where children and adults alike could learn about the importance of proper stewardship of our environment and how nature inspires art.

GPLT has undertaken a strategic plan to ensure a sustainable future for the Center in accordance with Mary’s vision and values. Volunteers now work to maintain the beautiful woodland gardens at the Center to reflect her artistic insight and respect for nature.

Thank you to Hank Ohme, Suzy Downing, Lori Posner, Terry Dempsey,
Dale Higdon & Carol Hassell for all our spectacular pictures.